Dark, Sexy. Powerful. This Zodiac Dragon Series will scorch the pages.

Commander Samson Marks has stepped into the middle of a battle.
One he never signed up for, but one he cannot ignore.

In the wake of the attack on the compound he comes face to face with the enemy -- traitors to everything he knows -- the Marine Corps.

Only they're not quite the enemy he expected.

The rebel, Darrion Slater, a.k.a Alpha, hands him a file and shows him the truth -- and what he finds within the pages shocks him to the core.

He's on a mission now, to not only right the wrongs he can, but to stand shoulder to shoulder with the outcasts, with the loners…with the Guardians.

He'll be the kind of man who might buckle -- but won't break.

The kind who'll protect a Queen of the Vampires in the midst of a vicious attack
…even if it almost kills him…

And he'll be the kind of man who finds truth in surviving.
A truth he never wanted to face, and redemption in the eyes of an immortal.

Annabelle is a first circle warrior to the Shadistin Vampire Queen. She has one purpose -- to kill, and apart from defensive blows of her victims, no one's touched her in hundreds of years.
Until a dying mortal reaches for her hand.

She'll stay there. She'll give the Commander what little comfort her cold, Vampire soul can afford and when he opens his eyes he'll see her for what she really is.

His salvation.

His redemption

His Vampire in command.

This is a 40,000 word short novel that takes place between Ace and Pisces.

Family. Honor. Love.
What happens when those three collide?
Who will be left standing?
Who will be left heartbroken?
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