Collide With Me

Experience the best sex of my life – tick Come face to face with my one-night stand at my best friend's wedding – tick  Realize he could be the greatest and worst thing to ever happen to me – tick, tick, tick.  After years of pointless relationships and regrettable one-night stands, I'd given up on finding love and a happily ever after. That was until he barreled into my life.  The broody stranger with haunting eyes intrigued and enticed me in ways no other man had before. For five blissful hours, Fletcher Hunt was mine and I was his to own, adore, and worship.  Even if we were so different. I was calm. He was chaotic.I craved forever. He only lived for today. But when we collided, we were electrifying.  We were also over before we began. One phone call and six simple words were all it took to cement our fate. The future I'd imagined with Fletcher quickly became a cruel fantasy when the ghosts from his past returned to haunt the present.  And the happily ever after I desperately longed for?That now belonged to the baby I was secretly carrying.  His baby.

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