Cold Justice

New Mexico Territory, 1858, a land of wild beauty where Justice comes at the end of a gun, and two vicious gangs -- one Chiricahua Apache, the other renegade U.S. Soldiers -- are headed for a showdown. One Who Hears Like a Coyote and his rogue group roam the Southwest out for American blood, while Jim Morehouse captains a pack of miscreants greedy for bounty on Apache scalps. And caught in the middle is newly promoted captain Jean Benoit.

In the midst of what seems like a simple mission -- escortingnSenator Clement Couvillion's beautiful, willful wife Marie to Fort Marcy -- Benoit's party is attacked by the rogue Apaches, leaving two soldiers dead and Marie critically injured. Commissioned to capture the murderous pack, Benoit must face down the ruthless Apache warriors and the brutal bounty hunters hungry for their scalps. But these deadly marauders are only the beginning of his trouble, for Senator Couvillion has come to New Mexico Territory, a dangerous arrival that could cost Benoit the very thing he holds dear....

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    • First Edition
    • Jul-1998
    • HarperTorch
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0061012920
    • ISBN13: 9780061012921


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