Child of Saturn

The Kingdom of Celydonn has been at peace for fifty years, since the great wizard Glastyn conquered the Wild Magic and drove its monsters underground. The rule of King Cynwas is virtuous, the crops have been plentiful, and the people have relaxed in their good fortune. The wizard Glastyn would recognize the danger of such a time.

But Glastyn has disappeared. His apprentice Teleri is only a young girl, not yet experienced in sorcery, though her secret ally is Ceilyn, a knight renowned throughout the kingdom. But even Teleri can see that the crops are withering. Strange monsters stalk the forests, and grotesque corpses have washed ashore.

Even more frightening is the aura of evil magic around the beautiful Princess Diaspad, sister to the unsuspecting Cynwas, who came to the castle a visitor, and grows more powerful every day.

Ceilyn's sword and Teleri's magic are untested--but someone must act, or Celydonn will be full of blood and darkness.
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