Charmed Cheat
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    Paranormal Romance
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Pixie agents Allegro and Glissando embark on their hardest, and most infuriating, assignment yet.

Mission: To make the Duke of Chillhart fall in love with the daughter of a criminal.

Possibility of Fallout: 95.6%

The pixies thought they'd seen the toughest test that two semi-competent faeries full of snark from the magical, musical kingdom of Arioso could see, but once again Maestro asked the impossible. Get the duke of Chillhart, Grant Faulkner, to fall in love with the daughter of a criminal?

Why, even if she was better than her thieving sire, even if she had wormed herself into Regency society, Adele Miller's father had incited Grant's father to kill himself!

She smelled of wildflowers and her features were winsome, but would Grant see Adele had the inner beauty to match? For these two humans to find harmony, they'd have to be charmed.

Luckily, Allegro and Glissando knew just the trick.
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