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C.H.A.I.N.S. The Poacher Series is the ultimate portrayal of Space Aliens participating in a cultural exchange program with Earth. Yet officially denied as of their existence on Earth or for that matter, anywhere, they co-exist with humans learning our cultures and emotions. They are rotated in and out by means of secrete space stations located between the Earth and the asteroid belts which encircle our planet. The powers that be, whether elected or not, keep the alien presence hidden to protect Earth's economy which is currently unfairly divided by wicked, greedy, medicine companies, medical facilities, oil and gas companies., insurance companies, finance profits, land and air travel transportation manufacturers and food source knowledge and control. But mostly, the reasoning behind the nondisclosure of space aliens is for the protection of the aliens that visit us. Some aliens, with their advanced knowledge because of the length of their world’s prior existence could end human diseases, explain unknown energies, explain anti-gravity methods, and provide life sustaining uninhabited planets for population control, on earth. The benefits are endless which these entities could share with humans. Yet greed and fear of the unknown currently demands that their presence remain hidden. Of all the millions of worlds, now with access to visitation on earth, a minute few participants will be greedy as are the powers that be on Earth. When crimes, accidents, or other incidents concerning Alien visitors occur, there is a shadow agency which is funded by the Alien Grand Council which in part, oversees the Earth-Alien-Exchange program that immediately responds to suppress the problem by any means necessary. This shadow agency is C.H.A.I.N.S....

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    • First Edition
    • Feb-2017
    • Createspace
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1543006914
    • ISBN13: 9781543006919


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