Case at Camp Get-Me-Outie

“I want to spend my summer vacation with flammable elements?”

Welcome to Camp Bunsen Burner!

Lizzie's parents are sending her away to camp. Science camp. Ugh! Okay, so her crush-boy Ethan is going. And her best friend, Gordo, too -- but not because his science grades are weak. Gordo's actually excited about going. He even enters the camp's Best Invention competition -- but when his entry is stolen, he turns to Lizzie for some sleuthing help. Will Lizzie's list of suspects help Gordo find the person who stole his invention? Lizzie hopes so. Then maybe if she's really, really lucky, Gordo will find a way to get her outie!

Lizzie's List of Suspects
? Larry Tudgeman, geek of the week: he takes science way too seriously. (Yeesh.)
? Devon Adams, hunk of the hour: a counselor with a very suspicious (and cute) grin (Deelish.)
? Professor Calvin, nut of the month: what's he doing in the lab after dark? (Uh-oh!)
? Sunny Novak, ditz of the day: a true flake? Or starry-eyed fake? (Hmmmm . . . )
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