Captive Desire

Victoria Malone fancied herself a great adventuress and student or life, but being kidnapped was too much excitement for even Victoria! Especially when her arrogant kidnapper thought she was part of Red Duke's outlaw gang. Trying to convince the overbearing, handsome, stranger that she had been an innocent bystander when the stagecoach was robbed proved futile. But when he thought he could make her confess by crushing her to his warm, broad chest, by caressing her with his strong, capable hands, and by kissing her until she was senseless, Victoria was willing to admit to anything...


He knew the so-called "lady" was Red Duke's woman! And one way or another Cord Cordova was going to force the gorgeous blonde to admit the truth and lead him to the notorious outlaw's hideout where Cord's sister was held captive. But when the luscious beauty's pale green eye flashed in angry denial as he held her full, supple body close to him, ran his hands over her creamy white skin, and tasted her sweet, soft lips, he wasn't so sure if this fiery witch was telling the truth or it she was the most beautiful liar he'd ever met...

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