Burning Barriers, a Novella
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Lucy We were high school prom king and queen. He moved on. I moved east. Seven years ago, I left Breckenridge, Colorado, hoping never to return. All it took was one horrific night not too long ago to change everything. Now, I’m back in Breckenridge to recover from a recent attack that nearly took my life as well as my best friend’s, and there is one person I hope I don’t run into. His name is Jake Galloway. My old boyfriend and my first true love. I’ve never told anyone about him for fear of my deepest feelings resurfacing. I’m more afraid of what will happen to me should my path cross with Jake’s again. I know memories of what we once had will hurt me more than anything I’ve recently gone through. He’ll own my heart and my body all over again. Jake She took off running when I confessed I loved her but couldn’t give her the committed relationship she wanted. I needed to live my college years and party it up with lots of girls and booze. Sex with Lucy Wyatt was an experience in and of itself. I thought I was doing right by moving on from her. I thought there was more out there than just Lucy, even if we burned for each other like a raging wildfire. I haven’t seen her since the night she took off from my house. Little did I know life would throw me a curveball once I got to college. I still screw women and drink all night long, but that has to do with the direction my life went seven years ago. It has nothing to do with college, simply because I never made it past my first week once classes began. I lost Lucy. I lost out on the college experience. And, I lost my father all in the course of a few short months. Now, Lucy’s back, and I want her more than ever. The minute my eyes trailed on her driving down the street, my desire for her burned more than ever. It’s as though seven years apart never happened. It’s just this time I’m not sure I can have her anymore. Can old flames still burn? Lucy and Jake are about to find out. **Mature Audiences 18+** Due to language, violence and sexual content This book is considered a standalone novella, however it is suggested you read the previous books in the series first.

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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2015
    • Createspace
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1505332370
    • ISBN13: 9781505332377


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