Burglary Blues

Will the same man who saved my life break my heart? When he stepped into the roll call room that morning with his fitted t-shirt, two days’ worth of stubble, and the confidence and swagger that earned him a detective's badge, I knew I was in trouble. Until I transferred to burglary division, I never even heard the name Michael Riley, and now I couldn't get him out of my head.I was just a lowly officer. A gofer. A grunt. Someone most of the police force thought of as a joke. My time in vice didn’t help matters. But Michael chose me to assist on a case. Maybe he wanted my help or just an invitation into my bed. I wasn’t entirely sure. But I was dedicated to the job, even if those ice blue eyes threatened my resolve. If I wasn’t careful, he’d be my undoing.A string of gang-related thefts plagued the neighborhood, and we were tasked with investigating and coordinating a sting. I needed to keep my mind on work and not on him. He was my partner. I trusted him with my life. But would he shatter my heart?

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    • First Edition
    • May-2015
    • Modus Operandi
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1942710003
    • ISBN13: 9781942710004


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