Bring Your Pet to School Day

“It was my favorite day of the year: Bring Your Pet to School Day. Most schools do not observe this particular holiday, which I personally believe should be made into a national event like the Fourth of July or Super Bowl Sunday or even National Forest Products Week. There was just one dim spot in my rainbow of happiness, and it was walking next to us: Grandpa.”

It’s Bring Your Pet to School Day and Bird’s buddy Humphrey the dog has the blues. Bird does his best to cheer up his friend, but one laughing, slobbering 200-pound mastiff + one albino python dangling from the ceiling lights = twenty screaming kids and Grandpa on the run!

• Which came first: Mandy the teacher or Mandy the hamster?
• If you don’t have a pet, is it okay to bring in a rock instead?
• Do pythons eat ferrets?
• Will Bird and Grandpa play Dive Bomb Birdie?

Join Bird and Joseph for another crazy adventure in this wacky and wild third short story in the Grandpa Hates the Bird series!

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