Bright Sorcery
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Introducing Book 3 in the SHADOWS OF MAGIC series!So I’ve got one of my oldest enemies held in a magical cage, the Acadamh is finally off my back, and I’m finally training to be a druid.Of course, it isn’t quite that simple.It never is.Because, you see, I thought I was good at making diabolical plans, but I’ve just met my match. Druids play a long game, and they’re good at smiling while they slide the knife between your ribs.And in the end … I may have to choose between saving the world and sacrificing everything I love, or saving those I love and letting the world burn.Either way, I’m going to make the bastards pay with their lives.From the author of RISK BE DAMNED, a new fantasy series full of magic, snarky druids, kickass heroines, punch-in-the-face worthy villains, and just a dash of romance! Perfect for fans of KF Breene and Rachel Carter!
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