Bound by Temptation

Temptation stripped away their masks...
Supreme ruler of his planet, Zigog Claelyan, was kept so frantically busy he had no time to be tempted, until an admirer gives him a rare and expensive earthling. When the arrogant creature seems to have no interest in him, Zigog is furious and reluctantly intrigued.

There is nothing Dalton Boyd hates more than feeling powerless. When he's caged and given as a gift to an alien who clearly has everything, he's willing to do anything to torment him--even ignore him. When his strategy works a little too well, Dalton discovers he's just as captivated as his new master.

As their masks fall away and they succumb to temptation, can Zigog and Dalton face one another with honesty? Or will they allow dark secrets and deep-seated fears to ruin their chance at the mystical soul resonance?

Note: Each book in the Owned series is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

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