A Cage-Match Against The King Of Beasts, And Earth Is The Ring

One man, at the helm of mankind's most advanced machine, is all that stands in the way of Armageddon.

Amateur boxer Silvio Echegaray has lost more than his most recent bout. He's lost sight in one of his eyes. With his professional hopes in tatters, he wonders how he'll be able to provide for his small family.

But just as he reaches the end of his rope, fate smiles upon him.

Silvio receives an unexpected offer from the robotics arm of a well-known corporation. Aderhold Corporation is looking to expand its robotics division and has developed a cutting-edge mech, the X-001 ARTEMIS. The deal is a simple one: Silvio must travel to Iceland and assist the team of researchers by stepping into the cockpit to test the machine's capabilities.

Meanwhile, a small town in rural Michigan is decimated. The emergence of a monolithic creature from a lake trench threatens the whole of America's Heartland. After repeated military interventions, the creature proves immune to conventional weaponry.

Silvio is then offered a job he can't refuse: Pilot ARTEMIS into battle against the dangerous creature. In doing so, he has a chance to reclaim the glory he once sought as a boxer, and will have more eyes on him than any matchup in the ring could ever bring.

And with a little luck, perhaps he'll save Earth, too.

BONECRUSHER is a Kaiju thriller novel of roughly 54,000 words, and is the first in a series. It contains instances of coarse language and scenes of violence. It also contains a cliff-hanger ending. Reader discretion is advised.

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