Blood Ties
The Sweet Savage teen romance continues in Part III as Quentin and Madison explore their tempestuous, forbidden love. Caden's volatile vampire family arrives for a Turning Ceremony and promptly causes problems.

Dominique and Caden's bond is broken when she discovers he uses groupies for blood, and heartsick, she breaks up with him. Before he has a chance to win her back, she is involved in a car crash. While in a coma, she relives her past life when the two first met and fell in love. Upon awakening, she discovers Caden has been imprisoned for the crime of dating her, a mortal, and she risks her life to rescue him. After the daring rescue, Dominique realizes they are meant to be together now and forever.

Unbeknownst to them, someone wicked from Caden's past has been watching and waiting for the opportunity to destroy their blissful reunion.

Part I: Reunion
Part II: Revelations

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