Big Mistake

“I began my morning with a good long sing perched on the curtain rod in Mother and Father’s bedroom. It’s a cheerful, sunny spot and so high up that no one ever notices the droppings I leave behind.”

While Joseph and Maya are at school, Bird roams the neighborhood with best friends Humphrey the giant dog and Slick the albino python. When they find a mangy, snaggle-tooth kitten caught in a tree, Bird thinks “predator,” Humphrey thinks “annoying,” Slick thinks “lunch” and Grandpa thinks “My Fluffy!” Who’s right?

• Why is Slick so cranky?
• Will kind Humphrey accidently crush the tiny kitten in his huge slavering jaws?
• Can Grandpa climb a tree?
• Is the kitten really an embodiment of evil?

Join Bird and his animal friends in this death-defying fifth short story adventure in the Grandpa Hates the Bird series. Plus, find out the real story behind why Grandpa hates Bird!

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