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She's What Every Woman Wants To Be. And What Every Man Wants.

To countless millions of adoring fans, she needs no introduction. The name alone--Lara Layton--evokes a dazzling portrait: her hair a platinum halo framing sky-blue eyes, glossy, invitingly parted lips, a body that seems to have been dipped in molten gold. Not since Harlow, not since Monroe, has Hollywood fashioned such a goddess from its most fevered, glittering dreams.

To the world, she's the image of physical perfection. To herself, she's prey to a hunger that yields no satisfaction. Denied her rightful heritage as a child, scorned as a serious actress, and, above all, torn by the love of two men--one the ruthless architect of her tumultuous career, the other the brilliant catalyst for her ultimate triumph--she seeks a fulfillment no man can imagine, but every woman knows.
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