Beau and the Beast
Devon Devereux, a rich, handsome, and powerful man, had it all, including arrogance. One day, the fates cursed him to live as a beast with the stipulation he must find his true love in a year, or he will be cursed to stay this way forever. Devon hides in his home away from the world, until one day, he catches Charlie Murdoch trying to steal from him. As his punishment, he tells the man he must send one of his sons to his ranch to work off the debt. Beau Murdoch arrives at the ranch furious about the accusations against his father and ready to confront Devon. Upon seeing him, he's shocked to realize this is the man he's been dreaming about for months, tormenting him with seductive kisses, then leaving him begging for more. Beau decides to stay, work off the debt, and see what might happen between them.

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