Bearing a Grudge

Can you forgive your childhood bully?Could you fall in love with him?Keyoni Kalani left Alaska as a child after being bullied. She happily spent the rest of her school years in Hawaii, living with her grandmother. She never thought she’d go back. Unfortunately, part of her scholarship repayment for her doctorate means that she owes two years of work and research, in Alaska of all places. Now, independent, strong-willed, and sassy, Keyoni finds herself face-to-face with one of her childhood tormentors.Jake Marchetti’s past catches up with him when Keyoni’s path crosses his own. She’s the last one in the world he expects to be spellbound by. The bear inside of him screams that she’s his fated mate. Problem is, she wants nothing to do with him.Can Jake find a way to convince her that he’s changed? Or will Keyoni leave him in the past, like she did all those years ago?
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