Bear Shifter Romance
A BEAR SHIFTER PARANORMAL ROMANCE~ Special Bonus Inside ~Sonny and duke are not the same in any way size shape or form, but they have been selected by the Elders of both of their communities to seek out a suitable mate from the human population. They may not like each other, but this is a duty that they need to complete together. They find the best hunting ground is a local college and this is where they find a young woman with flaxen hair and the most brilliant green eyes. For some reason, they are immediately drawn to her. Heather knows that these two men are different. She doesn’t know what it is, but there is obviously something that makes them want to be with her. She doesn’t know, but she will soon find out that they are not normal by any means.*** This is a standalone romance fiction story ***FREE BONUS SERIES INSIDE*This book contains mature themes and language. Only suitable for ages 18+

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