Bad Russian Blood
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Viper 3 ‘Bad Russian Blood’ is David Baker’s 3rd adult Novel;
A highly trained Russian operative, code named ‘The Phantom’ arrives on British soil in the early hours of 17th December. His route on board an old trawler, across the North Sea from Holland, landing him at Britain’s east coast harbour of Lowestoft.
His believed mission is to protect the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs, Corruption and Vice who is attending a seminar in London on the 21st December.
His clandestine landing coincides with the recent arrival in Britain of three Chechen freedom fighters; they have been on a murdering spree, committing grisly revenge attacks on the Russian Mafia. So, why their arrival in Britain?
For the first time since Vipers creation, after they go on the hunt, rapid moving events unfold and they quickly believe they are now the hunted.

Black Operations’ involves activities that are highly clandestine and often outside of the standard intelligence/military protocols.
It involves a significant degree of deception, to conceal who is behind it or to make it appear that some other entity is entirely responsible.
Welcome to the world of VIPER a secret Elite ‘Black’ Operations squad, formed in Margaret Thatcher’s era following the Iranian Siege in London and continues to this day.
A closely guarded British Secret handed down from one Prime Minister to the next. Operations are sanctioned only by the serving British PM, through Charles Baker the brain-child and commander of Viper.
Viper – by David Baker, the book covers the initial creation of Viper and their most recent mission. It was released in July 2012, reaching Number 1 in the Bestsellers, in Men’s adventure fiction and Lad Literature on
Viper 2 – ‘The Master of Tomorrows Spawn’ by David Baker was released in May 2013 and reached the Top Ten in the Bestsellers in Men’s adventure fiction and Lad Literature on
He is currently awaiting the release of Viper 4, 'The Fog of Death' and is presently working on Viper 5.
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