Back Atcha

In these three new short stories, the darkest adventures yet for the Firefly Witch, Tanna and Ry encounter their most vicious, diabolical and dangerous foes. One is a redneck who intends to sell his girlfriend to the devil, another is a serial killer with unexpected psychic powers, and the third is the hatred that leads people to barbarous acts of murder. Tanna must rely on her wits as well as her Wiccan beliefs, and Ry has to be stronger and smarter than he’s ever been, if they are to survive.

The heroine of The Firefly Witch, Dr. Tanna Tully, becomes the only hope for people on the edge of darkness and evil.

• Ry's cousin is terrified that her boyfriend is a Satanist, and has the power to destroy her soul. Tanna must face him and determine the truth.

• Talbert Falco was born without arms; yet the addict and petty crook is the only suspect in a murder of staggering violence. Can Tanna determine the truth before she becomes the next victim?

• Johnny Leigh is found murdered, but that’s only the beginnning. The secrets he held threaten to start a wave of new violence. But how does anyone, even a witch, change the hatred in the hardest of hearts?
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