Aw Shoot

“Every so often, Joseph and Maya have ‘Special Time’ with Grandpa. ‘Special Time,’ I have determined, is when a child spends time alone with an adult doing something the adult thinks the child will enjoy. In the past, ‘Special Time’ with Grandpa has included attending the Hats Off to Horror film festival, a trip to the local sewage processing plant, and sock shopping—for Grandpa.”

This time, Bird, Joseph and Maya have Special Time with Grandpa at an archery range. With real bows and arrows. And live targets.

• Will Bird be able to save his fine feathered friends?
• Where did Hop the dog get his name?
• When Maya plays Hide-and-Seek with her stuffed bunny, who wins?

Enjoy another tale of heroic adventure in the unforgettable sixth short story in the Grandpa Hates the Bird series. Plus, hear Grandpa’s side of the story in a special bonus feature!

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