Autumn Ecstasy
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    Historical Romance
  • Time Period:
    19th Century American West
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Linsey McAdams was lost. The Philadelphia beauty had finally eluded her kidnappers but now she was at the mercy of the ruggedly handsome frontiersman who owned the remote cabin where she'd taken refuge. Luc LeClerc offered her food and shelter but only laughed when she asked to be taken home. They were snowbound until spring and Linsey knew she was in danger once more -- for with just one kiss Luc aroused her deepest desires, with one caress he made her ache for ecstasy's embrace. And if she surrendered now to his wild loving ways, she would never want to go home again...

Luc LeClerc had no patience for a woman who couldn't cook, clean or shoot straight, but he could hardly toss gorgeous Linsey McAdams out into the snow. The lady was simply another traveler in need of aid, and come spring he'd see her home. But as the nights grew longer and colder, Luc imagined the green-eyed temptress warming his bed through the winter, firing his desire in the summer, leading him to a love that would last forever. And soon he vowed to sweep her into his arms and claim her with a passion that would blaze like Autumn Ecstasy.
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