Assassin's Trap
  • Published:
    Jan-2012 (Hardcover)
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    Print / eBook
  • Main Genre:
    General Fiction
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MI-5 agent John Brock is back in this explosive thriller that pits him against a ruthless enemy from the past.

Using his cunning, expertise, and international contacts, Brock, head of counterterrorism for Great Britain's secret service, uncovers a trail of industrial espionage that leads from Beijing to Mumbai and, finally, to an international summit in Vancouver.

But Brock's pursuit of the nations' enemies is disrupted by a threat to his own life-and his wife's. Stalked by danger, Brock is ruthlessly pursued across the globe by a band of assassins hired by an unknown adversary. Someone on his long list of enemies wants him dead; Brock seeks clues to his nemesis in India, Norway, and even South Korea.

Brock risks everything to protect his beloved wife from the demons of his past. But when she falls victim to his enemy, will Brock be able to save her or will the assassin's trap end it all?

From the dark streets of London to the backwater villages of South Korea, Assassin's Trap delivers a fast-paced, gripping story of one man's fight to protect the woman he loves.

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    • Trade Paperback
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    • ISBN13: 9781469700571
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