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Taharqa “Harq” Douglass assumes that his best friend Thagó is nothing more than a muckle-mouthed immigrant doctor from Sudan (or is it Somalia? or Yemen?). But when high-tech terrorists blast into Thagó's office, Harq accidentally discovers his friend is half James Bond and half Bruce Lee, and that he himself possesses a miraculous ability: chronosis -- the power to behold the future. With Thagó as his protector, Harq must use his startling power to rescue a beautiful, brilliant diplomat in order to stop a war that could claim millions of lives… and the only path to survival lies through the doomed Soviet space station, Mir. See the book trailer:
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    • Jun-2012
    • Narmer's Palette
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    • ISBN: 0986902497
    • ISBN13: 9780986902499
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