Apache Temptation

Nineteen-year-old Serena had loved Matt Colton all her life. But it was two years since the grief-stricken widower had ridden out to avenge his wife's killing, and never returned. Now, with an Apache revolt brewing, Matt was needed at home. Against all caution, the headstrong Serena set out in search of him--only to find the rugged rancher badly wounded in body and soul. Yet nothing could break his strong, manly spirit and, as she nursed Matt back to health in the primitive shadows of an isolated shack, a desire stronger than anything shed ever known raged through Serena ... igniting her pent-up passion to fever pitch as his fiery kisses led her again and again to the brink of ecstasy...

Just when he was on the verge of giving up all hope--lo and behold--this radiant, blue-eyed angel of mercy had appeared to bully and bewitch him back from the brink. Matt could no more resist the sweet temptation of Serena's tender passion than he could wipe out the violence and tragedy that had brought him to this sorry pass. Now, sworn to protect her from the perils of the wilderness trail--and from a treacherous enemy out for blood and revenge--he rode back with her across dangerous Indian territory. There, beneath blazing Arizona skies, he took her into his arms and, as the heat of her scorching caresses burned away the pain of the past, Matt knew he was ready to surrender at last to the searing love that burned so hotly in his wildly yearning heart!

Hero: Matt Colton
Heroine: Serena Colton
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