Ancient Egypt
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This is the first in a collection of seven SHORT stories.

The oldest secret known to man. Four ancient stories. Three recent discoveries.

The first four stories cover the original discoveries from four of the seven pods by the ancient civilizations in Egypt, Mexico, Cambodia, and Canada, and how our ancestors dealt with these mysterious objects. Empires were changed forever – worship, fear, wonder, love, upheaval, and mighty wars ripped continents apart, steering the course of human history for thousands of years.

Three stories cover the recent discoveries of the remaining three pods. A British Museums field collector Clarkson discovers one in 1898 in a hidden valley in Tibet. A well digger stumbled on one in 1947 at Groom Lake, Nevada. The last was found in December 2012 by nine loggers in a remote section of tropical rainforest in Madagascar.

The final discovery released the spores that our ancestors kept hidden and safe for thousands of years, creating a pandemic that will cause the next mass extinction.


The first book is the story of Ancient Egypt. How the most powerful nation on earth, at the time, discovered a mysterious, undulating black pod. They soon realize it was not a gift from the Gods when thousands start to die throughout the land. Khufu the Pharaoh, who is looked upon as the living incarnation of the God Horus, is powerless to stop the suffering. Can the numerous other Gods, who they have been worshiping for countless generations, save them? Paser-Rui – the High Priest of Ptah – believes he has the answer, as he proclaims the Gods have shown him a vision – a mighty ring of fire, and to raise a mountain of stone up to the heavens.
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