An Invincible Love

She'd saved his life! When she tracked Michael Andrews, the brilliant young geneticist, to his Maryland home, he was almost gone--felled by gas fumes. Who would have believed that mouth-to- mouth resuscitation could lead to searing kisses? And how could Liz Cotler know that a routine grant proposal to the National Science Foundation would lead her to passion and peril? The search for the mysteriously missing research papers swept Liz and Michael into each other's arms even as it plunged them into mortal danger. From Washington, D.C., to a sinister laboratory in Upstate New York and on to Paris, their lives were on the line. Liz had blown into Michael's life like a refreshing ocean breeze. She'd saved his life. She was determined to save his work. But could she save him from dark memories of the past?

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