Everyone deserves someone, even if that someone is a little … odd.
Amon Cotter came to Clear Creek to help build Mr. Van Cleet’s hotel. His passion for his work may have been a little over the top, but his craftsmanship with wood was second to none, and when the hotel work was done, he decided to stay on.

Nettie Whitman, the daughter of the nefarious Thackary Holmes, was sent from England to Clear Creek to find a husband. Accompanied by her twin brother, Newton, she is at the matchmaking mercy of the Cooke family, who think Amon the perfect match. But Amon has a mind of his own, and isn’t as interested in marriage as one might think. Until things start to happen that change his mind and heart. Can this mismatched pair make a go of it? Or are they too different? Add to the mix Cutty, the drifter, an identity created by a redeemed Thackary, who winds up as the pair’s chaperone, and you have the perfect recipe for … well, you decide.

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    • Jul-2015
    • Angel Creek Press
    • eBook (Kindle)


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