Allegheny Captive

Lady Charissa Sherwood's impetuous nature had finally caught up with her! As she enjoyed a forbidden moonlight swim on the Isle of Wight, smugglers captured her and sold her into slavery. Now, the flame-haired niece and sole heir of the Duke of Devonshire found herself in a New Orleans bordello, sold for a night to a drunken riverboat captain! Maybe if she talked fast she could preserve her virtue and prevail upon him to help her escape -- but at the first searing touch of Drew Donovan's lips on hers, all thoughts of flight and modesty, fled Carrie's mind, and she melted into his arms an a soaring spiral of surrender!


When the time came to settle down, Philadelphia-born, Oxford-educated Andrew Donovan would look for a love like the one his parents, Cole and Diana, shared, but for this one night in port, all he wanted was a lusty lady of the night who'd slake his pent-up passions. The red-headed doxy suited him just fine -- until she tried to cool his ardor with a preposterous story about her lineage -- and her innocence! But once he managed to capture her lips in a first fiery embrace, he was rewarded with a pleasant surprise as he silken-skinned beauty began to respond to his ardent caresses! Suddenly he couldn't wait to free her sumptuous curves, kiss every inch of her creamy body, and love her all the way up the Mississippi until she was his very own ALLEGHENY CAPTIVE
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