Alien Assassin
The Human Chronicles Saga - Book 2: Alien Assassin

Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude...

In the exciting continuation of The Human Chronicles Saga, ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain finds himself making a living the best he can in the strange universe he's been dropped into--as an alien assassin! Using his super Human abilities, he's stronger, faster and tougher than just about every alien species he encounters, so he's a natural for this line of work. You see, in this reality-- Adam is the Superman.

Alien Assassin follows Adam as he meets up once again with the leader of The Fringe Pirates--fellow Human Riyad Tarazi--and together they experience incredible space battles, shoot-outs with galactic criminals, as well as run-ins with the galaxy-ruling Juireans...and all the while trying to find their way back home. In the meantime, the evil and elusive Klin are manipulating events throughout the galaxy ... events which could soon spell disaster for the entire Human race.

If you liked The Fringe Worlds, you definitely need to read Alien Assassin. The story broadens and the conspiracies become more complex as we learn what fate awaits the Humans of planet Earth. Experience the same exciting space opera adventure, street-wise humor and kick-ass attitude as you found in the first book of The Saga. Only in Alien Assassin ...there's even more!

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