Alexander Mackenzie: Lone Courage

Howling Arctic winds beckoned him westward to the vast Northwest Territory -- a frozen wasteland that held no mercy for any man. But for the young Scotsman, Alexander Mackenzie, the Arctic held a promise of fame and glory -- the dream of an overland route to the Pacific coast…

Settling in Montreal, Mackenzie came under the patronage of the great French fur trader, Louis Dentere…and fell in love with his beautiful daughter Juliette -- the only woman who could match the frontiersman's fierce, adventurous spirit. But a bitter rivalry flared between Mackenzie and the ruthless fortune hunter who dared to pursue him to the ice-capped mountains of Canada.

Blazing a trail across the glacial plains of the North, determined against all odds to discover the Northwest Passage, Mackenzie drove onward toward the longed-for victory. His love for Juliette, his vision of a trail to span the continent, and the restless desire of his young, proud spirit would lead him at last to the high waters of Disappointment River…and to the bitterest battle of all with the man who challenged his path to glory.

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