After Midnight
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A fairy tale fantasy entwined with romance.
Dustan Reid has just received his own personal fairy. Straight out of an enchanted forest. He just doesn’t know it.

Instead, he thinks Harmony is the most annoying, pushy girl he’s ever met. Not that Dustan meets or much less talks to girls. He’s too busy trying to keep his grades up and working at his step-dad’s motorcycle garage—while his stepbrothers work at the art of hanging out. But the freedom graduation will finally bring isn’t too far off.

Harmony’s determined to find true love for Dustan, with or without his consent. He may be a little rough around the edges, but she can totally see the killer looks lurking behind the shaggy hair and thick glasses. So she sets her matchmaking sights on the most popular girl in school. Hardworking Dustan only deserves like the best. Besides, with magic up her hot pink sleeve, this job should be way easy.

But nothing comes without a price.

Especially true love.

Appropriate for twelve and up.

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