Admiral Jane
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Would you trust an AI to save you?

Twenty five billion people have appeared in the Gaia system unexpectedly.

Only one person knows how or why.

Yet preparations for fifteen billion exist, but only one person remembers the work being done.

The one who knows, and the one who remembers, are the same, but Jane is not human.

So good is she at hiding being an Artificial Intelligence, no-one knows except her fellow AI's.

To her falls the responsibility for guiding Humanity as they come to terms with not knowing where they are. The how and why seem simple to her, but twenty five into fifteen doesn't fit, and humans don't tend to get along when crowded together.

It really isn't her problem, and yet, Jane feels obligated to make things work.

Humanity needs to spread out again, so who stays and who goes? But is there somewhere to go to?

The Gaia galaxy doesn't know about Humans yet, and they have their own problems.

Human problems collide with Alien problems, with Jane in the middle.

For Jane, everything is new.

She's no longer the hero's side-kick, but is in her own right, Admiral Jane.

This is a spin-off series from The Hunter Legacy, carrying on where it left off in the Gaia galaxy at the end of Hero to the End. It is not necessary to read the previous series to enjoy this one.

AI Destiny series.
1. Admiral Jane
2. Queen Jane
3. Snark's Quest
4. Destiny Stone
5. Talisman of Tomorrow
6. Leader Jane

The A.I. Destiny novels are a spin off of The Hunter Legacy series.
Hero at Large, Hunted Hero Hunting, Send in the Hero, Make or Break the Hero, Hail the Hero, Burnside's Killer, Hire a Hero, Jane's Christmas, Hero to the Rescue, Hero at the Gates, The Long Road to Gaia, Home is where the Hero is, Hero in Darkness, Hero to the End. The Hero's Companion.
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    • First Edition
    • Mar-2017
    • Timothy Ellis
    • eBook
    • Mar-2017
    • Timothy Ellis
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1386552224
    • ISBN13: 9781386552222

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