Adam's Outlaw

When one of the Peachtree Vigilantes swung down from a tree and tackled him, police captain Adam Ware was stunned to discover he was being held captive by an angel with golden curls! Toni Gresham had been hunting muggers who preyed on the elderly, and she couldn't believe this lone-wolf lawman who was gorgeous enough to be Mel Gibson's brother was about to arrest her, one of the good guys! Adam figured it was against procedure to kiss a suspect and then arrest her, but Toni's lips wove an intoxicating spell that made him want to break rules instead of enforce them. Clashing with Adam made spark.; fly, made Toni shiver and yearn to kiss and make up, but they never saw eye-to-eye when it came to helping others: she jumped over cliffs with the best intentions, while he did everything by the book. Together they might be an unbeatable team, but could Adam join hands with the darling renegade who'd persuaded him to believe in magic?
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