Acid Bath

Elena Jarvis is an officer in the Crimes Against Persons department of the Los Santos, Texas, police. She's got a sharp mind and a strong sense of justice. She's also got a condescending boss, a chauvinist partner, and an over-protective narc ex-husband. But then, she always knew police work would mean dealing with troublemakers...

As a cop, Elena Jarvis had seen a lot of M.O.'s, but this was something new. A self-proclaimed "erotic poet" had accused his ex-wife of trying to kill him with explosive escargot. Well, she had to admit it was creative... but who was the real victim? The more Elena learned about the couple's defunct marriage, the more her sympathies lay with Sarah, the ex-wife. But when the philandering poet was found floating in his bathtub in an advanced state of decay, Elena had to put her feelings aside and solve the "Acid Bath Murder." And when forensics revealed some surprising facts about the skeletal remains, Elena discovered that there was a lot more to this case than the bare bones...
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