A Woman's Place

Beatrice Goddard had a job, sheriff's deputy, and a problem: the man she loved was doing his best to get her fired.

Lady With A Badge . . .

As the prettiest, most soft-hearted deputy sheriff in Big Mountain, Beatrice Goddard was naturally sympathetic to a young cowpoke's plea that she arrest him to keep him from punching the ranch owner who had unjustly fired him. However, Bea didn't want to reveal that it was the rancher's kid sister, not the cowpoke, who'd been the aggressor in a romance the rancher disapproved of.

Besides, Bea was romantically interested in the rancher, Johnny Foster, and he didn't approve of her job with the sheriff's office. “It's no place for a girl like you,” he said, with which her father, and the sheriff agreed. At the time Bea's standing with the sheriff was not good. One year and seven months with the department and she had muffed her big chance, letting a beautiful bum-check-passing blonde named Anne Gilmore outsmart her.

Now Anne was settled at one of the town's biggest casinos, plotting trouble Bea was sure, but what was worse, making a play for Johnny.

Original Title: Girl of Big Mountain
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