A Soul to Settle
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The true face of evil rises as the end of Samuel and Cameron’s journey to Outpost Alanstown finally draws near…

Steeped in a moral dilemma brought about by the revelations of who actually caused the end of ‘Before’, Samuel realizes that everything he believed was right is horribly wrong. To save the Territory of Malm, he must first remove the stain of the treacherous legacy of the one who created the Office of Souls.

Meanwhile, Cameron teeters on the cusp of discovering her true purpose. There are those who want to use her abilities for their own dark purposes. Depending on what path she chooses, she will either be the territory’s savior or the one who destroys them all.

In Outpost Alanstown, Marius has embraced the darker side of his soulless nature. Conscience be damned, he finds a cause in wanting to save his evolved zombie brethren. When his enemies come, he will fight against them because he can't see any other way to get the life that he has always wanted.

The time for the final battle has arrived, and someone will die before it is over.

The complete Twisted Souls series:
The Soul Ripper (Twisted Souls #1)
Twisted Souls (Twisted Souls #2)
Soul Cycle (Twisted Souls #3)
A Soul to Settle (Twisted Souls #4)
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