A Sensible Match

Love can lead even the most cautious heart astray...


Aristocratic Alessandra di Tassio had learned her lesson in love only too well, and now, at one-and-twenty, was no longer given to giddy swoons and foolish romantic yearnings. So when Harry Dudley, Sixth Earl of Milverton, offered for her band, Alessa felt duty-bound to accept. After all, be was the most spotlessly respectable and utterly unromantic man she bad ever met! Yet never did she dream that a sensible alliance would soon flame into something far more passionate--or that her handsome husband's tender kisses would so completely capture her heart...


The Earl of Milverton had wed for one reason only: to produce an heir to carry on the distinguished family name. Love didn't even enter into it. But now this marriage of convenience was proving most inconvenient. And all because of his well-bred wife, whose captivating charms drove him to near-distraction! But when an age-old secret embroiled Harry and his new bride in a royal scandal that endangered his title and very life, it was Alessa who showed him bow love could ensnare even the most jaded of hearts...

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