A Murderous Glaze

In Maple Ridge, Vermont, Carolyn Emerson plans to ease into her golden years running her paint-your-own-pottery studio, Fire at Will. But when a pesky dead body shows up in the shop, Carolyn's name may be mud ...


Carolyn never liked Betty Wickline, but that didn't mean she wanted her dead. Yet that's exactly how Betty is found one night in Fire at Will -- craftily murdered with Carolyn's very own awl. Suddenly everyone is town paints Carolyn as a suspect, and her business is drying up.

For help, Carolyn turns to her studio's club, the Firing Squad, a group of amateur painters and potters. As their investigation takes shape, Carolyn has a brush with death. Now she and the Squad must piece the shards of evidence together before Carolyn's life is shattered ...
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