A Merry Escapade


In spite of her name, Lady Mirthon has the megrims. It is humiliating enough that her father has confessed to being a spy for the French -- and a not very successful one at that. But his dying words to her are deucedly cryptic: something about a list, which is hidden at "the sign of the sabot." Now, with someone threatening her life, Lady Mirthton must embark on a hunt for this mysterious wooden shoe. But who on earth will help her to find it?


Enter war hero Marcus Forester, the Earl of Clairmont -- and the most uncatchable catch of the Season. But one glance into Lady Mirthton's emerald eyes, and accept her proposal he does... only to find himself shot at, stabbed and almost sent to his reward in a furious search that extends the very length and breadth of England. What a difficult way to woo a lady! Yet deliver Lady Mirthton from danger Clairmont will. And from there, it's straight to the altar!
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