A Matter of Time

As a monk, Brother Bartholomew can usually be found tending his garden -- and his soul -- at Cape Cod's Faith Abbey. Until destiny sends him to Bermuda, where he encounters trouble in paradise.

A car rolls off the cliffs into the night sea, carrying a rich young tourist and a pretty woman to their end. A nature lover dives into crystal waters looking for parrot fish...and discovers a drowned man instead. This dark side of sunny Bermuda takes Brother Bartholomew by surprise. Struggling with a crisis of faith, he has come on a peaceful retreat to heal his troubled soul -- only to be pulled into an investigation of drugs, dirty money, and murder. Now, as gleaming yachts gather for the Gold Cup Regatta, Bartholomew must seek clues amid the wealthy and poor alike. For only in the depths of the human heart can he find the answers he seeks ... and perhaps a reason to once again believe.
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