A Matchmaking Miss

How could anyone accuse her of being a managing female, wondered Matty. She simply wanted what was best for those around her, and that included the most reserved Earl of Kirkswood. That vexing man claimed he bad no need of a wife, but Matty knew better and bad set upon a plan of her own to find a suitable match for this stubborn bachelor. Never mind that the new marquess was the most intriguing man Matty bad ever met, with his dark red hair and handsomely tanned face. She would present this impossible man with the perfect bride-even if it meant presenting berse4f!

All Joss wanted was some peace and quiet, not the interfering presence of Miss Matty Stone who seemed set upon finding him a wife. And where had she ever gotten such a ridiculous idea? As a former officer in the East India Company, be was used to being the one in command and had no patience for the matchmaking schemes of Miss Stone. But he did have to admire her persistence, and he certainly enjoyed looking upon her delicate face with that most kissable mouth. Perhaps he was in need of a wife after all...
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