A Marriage for Meghan
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Meghan has worked as a nanny since finishing school, but her ambition is to become the schoolteacher of her Amish district. When the current teacher resigns, the bishop feels Meghan is too flighty for so much responsibility. Meghan sets out to prove she can handle classroom control, despite her problem-child reputation.

Courting doesn't go much smoother since her best friend scares off potential beaus. Headstrong Jacob will never gain her heart if he won't let her stand on her own two feet. Her sister, Catherine, agrees to train Meghan as head teacher. Catherine can handle classroom troublemakers, but when pranks escalate into serious crime, she fears no mischievous student or spurned suitor is responsible.

The elders question the bishop's decisions, especially calling the sheriff to the schoolhouse. The bishop contemplates stepping down since his misjudgment draws media attention to the Plain world. When the sheriff suspects someone is targeting the Amish, he calls in federal authorities to investigate possible hate crimes. FBI agent Thomas Mast arrives in Wayne County, carrying a secret he's hidden for years. Can he come to terms with the past and regain his relationship with God before his career hardened his heart? With plenty of problems on her plate, Meghan decides to help Thomas solve the crimes. The bishop hopes the criminals are caught before Meghan loses her reputation to the most inappropriate of suitors...an Englischer.

A Marriage for Meghan...
one girl's quest for maturity and true love as social prejudice tests a community's faith.
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