A Love to Lean On
Girl on the Move...

"Daughter," Hazel McGraw's father said, "don't you sometimes feel like a best seller at a lending library?" Home from helping her brother Jack survive the shock of fathering triplets, faced now with the choice of helping her Aunt Martha move, or keeping house for her mystery-writing Aunt Totty, at her mountain hideaway, Hazel did feel like a well-worn book. This time she signed herself out to Aunt Totty. On the bus to Retreat, she let herself dream about getting married. That is, supposing she met the right man. The first man she met getting off the bus was blue-eyed Deputy Danny Burke, very handsome in his uniform. She was due to see a lot of that uniform, because four escaped convicts were loose on the mountain and Danny was the protective type. The next man Hazel met was sitting in the oak tree outside her aunt's veranda -- cold, hungry, unshaven. One of Danny's fugitives? Probably, but Hazel just couldn't bring herself to turn him in ...

Original Title: The Rock Oak

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