A Lady in Disguise

Lady Briana Rosewynn secretly hoped to be the first in her village to encounter her reclusive new neighbor, the duke of Brocco. Instead, it was merely a handsome servant by the name of Darnier who came upon her in her favorite woodland glade. Disappointment rapidly gave way to fascination, however, when the silver-tongued underling offered her an escapade -- a tour of the London demimonde... in disguise! And when she learned that her new acquaintance served the duke, and that His Grace was old and ugly, Lady Briana decided to enjoy the unexpected masquerade wholeheartedly. Although the dashing rakehell might be beneath her socially, she would throw convention to the winds and enjoy one unforgettable night with her thoroughly intriguing new partner in adventure...


Life in the Warwickshire countryside was something less than scintillating. One could only spend so many hours fishing and riding to hounds; then a gent had to find something more interesting to occupy his free time, especially since posing as a servant was beginning to wear thin. The lovely unspoiled chit he discovered reading poetry in a secluded copse would provide just the needed diversion. He'd dress her up as a man and give her an evening she'd never forget, he'd show the delicious Lady Briana Rosewynn a side of London life a young lady of the ton could scarcely even imagine! What he didn't anticipate was that the enchanting Lady Briana would have far more zest for a daring escapade than was seemly for a lady of her position ... and that he would be more than a little tempted take shocking liberties with this flirtatious innocent...

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    • Nov-2020
    • Coachman Publications
    • eBook (Kindle)


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