A Kiss at Midnight
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    Print / eBook
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    Traditional Regency
  • Time Period:
    19th Century Regency (1811-1820)
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For best friends Sara, Ella, and Rosamund, life thus far has been anything but a fairy tale. They have little to look forward to upon graduation from Mrs. Parson's Academy for Girls -- not even a Season in London! But, as each young lady is about to learn, Fate, for all her fickleness, is sometimes kind -- and happy endings may be found in the most unexpected places...

Will A "Sleeping" Beauty...
"Revolting" is the politest word Lady Rosamund Dennison can think of to describe the lecherous old earl to whom she's been promised. Shocked and hurt, the bold beauty rides off -- only to take a bad tumble from her horse. Upon regaining her senses, she realizes that the earl will lose interest if he's made to think she'll never wake up. The plan works...until Rose is discovered sneaking about the manor by the unsettlingly handsome new butler. She has no choice but to trust the mysterious servant with her secret, and he seems only too eager to protect her...

...Awaken His Princely Heart?
Nobleman Gareth Fenton has come to Denham Hall in search of a family heirloom that he suspects has been stolen from his estate. Finding the treasure depends entirely on maintaining his disguise as a loyal servant, no matter how it galls him to see Rose treated so shabbily. Now, entrusted with her deception, Gareth is determined to rescue the golden-haired beauty from her vile "fiance" -- even if it means marrying her himself. But how can he convince a titled lady to embark on a scandalous escape with the family butler...or to believe that his protestations of love are anything but a pretense...
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