A Home for Their Wolf
[Siren Menage Amour: Menage, Paranormal/Shapeshifters, Vampires, Angels and Demons, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, FMMM, HEA] Piper Thomas’s life is pain. When a beating nearly ends her suffering, she is rescued by three strangers. Three men who show her the meaning of love and who she really is. Spenser, Ares and Jackson Nielsen are cougar shifters tasked with investigating a church that abuses shifter children. It’s their final mission before returning home. Finding their mate, broken and abused, at the hands of the men they’re investigating, is a shock, and the end of their long search for her. Taking Piper home to their pride puts the entire town of Pine Falls in danger as the reason for the church’s practices, and the true evil behind it, is revealed. Even with their pride to help them, Piper is abducted. Retrieving her and keeping her safe, is now all the brothers live for. Returning to her mates and the love they share, keeps Piper strong as she fights for the home she’s found in Pine Falls.

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