A Hitch in Time

New Orleans, 2000. Law student Drew Montague faces a dilemma: his parents, who hare been helping him financially, want him to forego school in favor of learning the family business--a prospect he has avoided all his life. As Drew wanders and ponders his troubles one balmy evening, he comes across an old pocket watch hanging from a hitching post, and is reminded of a childhood rhyme. Suddenly the world starts spinning...

New Orleans, 1853. Marianne Beaufort is on the brink of betrothal to a man she despises. On the evening her engagement is to be announced, she meets a confused, oddly dressed, but very handsome young man who claims to be from the future--stranger still, he recognizes her beau as his great-great-grandfather! Marianne knows she should avoid Drew, whose appearance has already complicated her life. But she cannot help being drawn to this stranger who can predict the future, yet seems so lost in the present...
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